Top 3 Underrated Crypto Projects To Watch Out For: Ripple, Flow, and Big Eyes Coin

To find the good gems, you have to look where everyone is not looking. You also have to ensure that these projects have solid utilities that can be offered to holders of their tokens. If you are keen on discovering underestimated projects, keep reading this piece to discover three projects.

Ripple (XRP) – The Secure and Seamless Platform

Ripple is a blockchain company that focuses on creating a seamless payment network and remittance system. Under the Ripple company, we have the XRP ledger and the XRP cryptocurrency.

Ripple has come a long way as it is one of the projects created after Bitcoin. As a blockchain protocol, it aims to provide safe payments for users of its network. It has been dubbed as one of the most ambitious networks. With XRP Ledger, users can facilitate cryptocurrency transactions with public and private key cryptography. How does this Ledger work?

Without looking carefully at the XRP ledger, we may hastily conclude it is a fork on Bitcoin. Yes, it shares similar designs with Bitcoin. But, it is not. It utilizes private and public keys to enable crypto transactions. Transactions are also completed with digital signatures. There are major differences between the two networks. XRP ledger does not require mining for transaction validation. However, it sends transactions to its network for verification. This network consists of unique nodes that can create consensus.

Flow (FLOW) – The Speedy Crypto

Flow is a blockchain protocol targeting games and decentralized applications. This blockchain network came alive due to the issues the crypto kitties experienced on the Ethereum network. Crypto Kitties were so popular that they caused a lag in the Ethereum network. The game developers were so frustrated that they were forced to create a blockchain that would power the game. They also planned that other similar games would use the Blockchain network they designed.

How is Flow solving the problems of Ethereum? Blockchain uses nodes to verify transactions on its network. Agreed? Flow also uses nodes for transaction verification. It uses a multi-node, multi-role architecture to make transaction verification faster.

The team also created the Flow Playground, enabling developers to develop Non-fungible tokens that can be used in games. They are also seeking to onboard other similar applications.

The flow ecosystem will use the FLOW cryptocurrency across the blockchain for maintenance and operation.

Presenting Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Ever envisioned an NFT project with a meme coin or a meme coin with an NFT project? Big Eyes is one of those projects seeking to merge these two sectors. Big Eyes should be the top of your watch if you are a fan of cute memes and JPEGs. Big Eyes is designed to be a cute cat with extra big anime-like eyes. Big Eyes have a rich Japanese and American background.

As a meme coin, Big Eyes will be tax-free as users will get no deductions on transactions. Users will also get access to 90% of the total tokens. The remaining 10% will go to marketing and charity.

If you become part of this project, you’ll become part of an active community. The community members would access the merchandise stores, vote for changes, and participate in events.

There is much more to expect from Big Eyes as the project is still in the early stage of its roadmap. Plus, the team also allows community members to influence future development and features of the token.

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