The Big Eyes Coin May Potentially Offer 100X Gain and Attract Many Ripple and Internet Computer Investors

You may have heard or read about the various success stories of cryptocurrency investors. Those individuals chose coins with huge potential and made millions in crypto trading. The stories of such investors are inspiring, but people rarely reveal the losses they have faced during their journey. Crypto assets are volatile and popular coins get out of the top 100 cryptocurrency list without any sign of relapse. 

Being a cryptocurrency trader/investor, you must know which assets to buy for the long-term. The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is experiencing remarkable presale rounds. Ripple (XRP) and Internet Computer (ICP) coins are also renowned cryptocurrencies supporting top-rated projects which can be added for balancing the portfolio. However, XRP and ICP coin holders may find BIG Tokens more lucrative. They may invest in this new meme coin to get quick profits. 

Big Eyes: Ready to Generate Huge Earnings and Offering the Best Learning Opportunities 
The Big Eyes platform is providing early access to its native coin during the presale phase. Many people are buying the BIG Token because they believe it is the next big thing. Why do so many people consider Big Eyes a better alternative to popular meme coins and cryptos? Let’s find out.
It is a community token and it aims to build a community of the smartest users. People will collaborate to grow the Big Eyes platform, create lucrative NFTs, and trade valuable assets. This coin has raised $2.33 million in ongoing presale rounds. Early investors are pretty happy and therefore more crypto-enthusiasts want to acquire BIG Coins. 

Learning with Earning
Many beginners lose their money because they do not assess projects before buying tokens. The decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem is evolving and supported by cryptos that may deliver amazing returns in the future. Big Eyes is going to help beginners assess the best DeFi projects. This platform will provide comprehensive tutorials and guides to train newbie investors. It will act as a personal assistant to guide you to the best investment opportunities. 

Pushing for top 10 NFTs
The entire Big Eyes community will benefit if its NFT collections get in the top 10 NFT rankings. Profit generated through NFTs will go to burn or no-burn vote. Community members can share profit gained from NFTs along with many other rewards the Big Eyes token will provide. 

The Big Eyes platform may attract parties planning to launch new non-fungible tokens. It will promote artists and individuals who want to promote rare collectibles online. Therefore, thousands of NFT traders and creators will join this platform and contribute to its success. 

Big Token Information        
This platform will issue 200,000,000,000 BIG Tokens in total. 90% of tokens will be available at launch and buyers will pay no fees or tax for acquiring this digital asset. The Big Eyes team is using proven marketing tactics and the best channels to promote this token.
Influencers, social media channels, and crypto experts have already praised this meme coin. Therefore, the BIG Token is selling pretty fast in the presale stages. You should hurry if you want to invest in BIG Tokens. This meme coin may sell out pretty quickly! 

Ripple: One of the Leading Altcoins for Fast and Affordable Transactions 
Ripple is powering an open-source, decentralized, and permissionless platform. It provides affordable transactions and incredible speed. Many developers switched to the XRP ledger because it is scalable, fast, and it has featured the first DEX platform. Being one of the most popular altcoins, Ripple is also trading low due to the crypto market crash. As per reports, Ripple has been featured on Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Workplaces in Technology list. It has secured the 21st rank and that’s a huge achievement for a blockchain technology company. 

Internet Computer: Pushing the Boundaries of the Internet 
The Dfinity Foundation has launched the Internet Computer Network in May 2021. It aims to promote the development of smart contracts and push the boundaries of the internet. This platform became the first choice of investors willing to create futuristic decentralized applications. The ICP Token is Internet Computer’s native cryptocurrency. It got an amazing start, but it is currently trading at a much lower price. The ICP Coin has shown signs of improvement and it may recover quickly. As per reports, Internet Computer has announced the launch of the latest version of MetaSports, which is a 3D fully playable basketball game. It is taking Space Jam to Metaverse. Players will get NFT avatars and in-game economy features. Internet Computer may support many such projects to entertain internet users and gain more investors. 

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