Prince Harry’s memoir could have ‘historical ripple effect’

Prince Harry’s memoir could have ‘historical ripple effect’

Prince Harry’s much-awaited book is said to have major claims about royal family which could cause a “ripple effect”, said an expert.

During his conversation with royal commentator, Jonathan Sacerdoti said: “I sincerely doubt it because we’re expecting the publication of Harry’s book, which will be already done and dusted so to do rewrites at this stage seems a tall order.”

The expert also noted: “When we talk about known unknowns and unknown unknowns, I think the book is an unknown unknown, because we know it’s coming but we don’t have any idea what’s in it.”

“He has a right to write his memoir, but like everybody, you need to think about the effect your work might have,” the expert noted.

Jonathan further went on: “Memoirs are often complicated for anyone, especially for families. So anyone that writes a memoir and talks about their family, even if they don’t think they’re being critical, may say something which is read as critical and can have a ripple effect.”

“When your family is the royal family that ripple effect cannot just be personal and familial in its effect, it can be much greater — it could be constitutional or historical,” the expert said.

“And so I think that it will be one to watch,” he added.