Bitcoin Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Forecast & Trading [video]

Bitcoin and Ethereum Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Forecast & Trading.
Overview: Bitcoin is confirming as a bullish trend.
Bitcoin Elliott Wave: Wave (iii) of i) of 3 of (5).
Bitcoin Technical Analysis Over the week ahead I’m looking for  Classic Trading Levels pattern on 50,000.
Trading Levels Bitcoin: mTL3|43,000 the Midpoint mTL5|45,000 and Minor Group2 46,500|47,200|48,000.
Bitcoin Trading Strategy: Building long positions, next is adding on mTL5|50k with the trade setup as the Classic TradingLevel pattern.

Trading tip: less is more, make the first position very small, get it to break even and then add another position. The first step is to half the initial risk, always think how you can do that. halving your risk doubles your improvement as a trader.

Video Chapters:
00:00 TOTAL & Ethereum.
02:27 Bullish Bitcoin count.
17:57 Thank you for watching Bitcoin Elliott Wave Analysis.